Diagnosing communication in Covid crisis

Crisis communication is mostly deployed as a damage control step. But, the Covid crisis has given an entirely new meaning to communication strategy. Covid has punished those who did not respond correctly. And their predicament is a new lesson for the professionals, the users and the needy. Anticipatory communication tools have come to prominence in […]

Encourage Innovation, Beyond Covid

It is an often-abused concept, but its significance has never been more relevant than now. ‘Necessity is the mother of invention’ is used by us in our conversations and it is mostly not relating to the intrinsic meaning of this phrase or saying.  Necessity is the mother of invention means when put in a difficult […]

Staring at Uncertainty! -What can we do to move forward with our Start-Ups?

In the last few months as a strategist and a mentor, I was a part of a few online sessions organised by Innoberator in association with IIMB.NSRCEL. The objective was to help the Start-Up community, who are in a bootstrapped situation created by the pandemic, where most of these startups are facing the brunt of scarcity of […]

Vidya daana -One of the highest forms of generosity in Indian tradition

Vidya daana is considered as one of the highest forms of generosity or charity in Indian tradition. The Karnataka government is struggling to put up a coherent response to the needs of less privileged students waiting to receive online education. There are all kinds of excuses and reasons being given to take the first step […]

Nuances of COVID 1.0 – It’s real and tough

Let us not hesitate to accept the pandemic in it’s real form. Claims and patting of shoulders both by the government as well as the health care fraternity that we are doing a lot and also that we are in the right direction is good as we derive self motivation from that. But let us […]