Social media has an excessive number of things to bring to the table to brands and clients. MJSPR a boutique integrated communication and strategy consulting firm serves it better on the client’s table assuming you need your audience to respond, you need to make reference to it unequivocally. Your marketing system ought to be arranged […]

Focused hand holding will be fruitful for the product launch

As populations grow, medical institutions must innovate to find ways to address every patient. Startup innovations and technologies can potentially reduce the burden of medical institutions. There are a number  of exciting startups in the Ginserv programme that are addressing the long-term problems faced by the Indian healthcare system. – eSkindoctor detects around 200+  skin […]

5 reasons why an organisation’s external communications should look inward

5 reasons why an organisation's external communications should look inward

Communication is the basic premise for any business to succeed. Effective communication is not only crucial to foster a good working relationship between the management and employees, but also between the organisation and the customers. Effective communication – both external and internal – strengthens the connections between an organisation and all of its stakeholders, and […]

Communication by Design: Why it matters most to have constant communication with your customers and stay relevant?

Effective communication – both internal and external – is critical to an organisation’s success, as in today’s world effectively conveying a businesses’s objectives, goals and customer-centric approach are paramount. To stay connected with an organisation’s stakeholders as well as customers, relevant external and effective communication plays an important role. External business communication involves a constant […]

Healthtech is an unexplored treasure

healthtech is unexplored treasure

Indians  aspire for  quality healthcare, which is not easily available because of the wide gaps between the private and public healthcare sectors. Technology might ultimately address the issues troubling the Indian healthcare industry like nature, achieving efficient capital employment, scalability, affordability. Many Startups in healthtech and medtech are working with blockchain technology, which offers a […]

A health crisis has hit the economy. Let us unite to break the vicious circle.

The pandemic has taught us one important lesson – you are never really prepared if you are not prepared. What does this mean? We have to be ready mentally and physically at an individual and at a societal level for any eventuality. We deluded ourselves into the eternal comfort of consumer culture and never really […]

Women’s day and the changing fate lines or destiny

Women’s day and bringing balance They are actively seeking to change their fate lines and find balance. They are silently changing their world and our world. Raise your hand to acknowledge and support their endeavour. The theme of International Women’s Day 2021 (March 8) is #ChooseToChallenge. And, from challenge comes change. You see a raised […]

Tomorrow begins today.

Like most of you, MJSPR had prepared for a quantum leap in 2020. But that was not to be. However, we have overcome yesterday’s disappointment. Today, we are with you to lay the path for tomorrow. This decade of 2021 will define the course of the universe as we know today. The choice is available […]

Startups growth pace booster by Ginserv’s Gincelerator

As the world collects itself to face the new normal, new needs and markets have emerged. They are opportunities of growth in education, health and medical technologies. However, even a seasoned entrepreneur is confused by the changing landscape. In this fluid scenario, Ginserv, an established accelerator is best suited to be the navigational guide. The […]