From 2 percent to 30 percent jump in contraception use in India

“It’s time to break the silence and start conversations on contraception” says Dr. Hema Divakar Chairperson and CEO, ARTIST Baby by choice and not by chance is the mantra that should resonate with the girl-woman of today. The goal is to allow women to make informed choices about their reproductive health, in the hope that […]

Homage to Ananthkumar

He did not believe in promises. His focus was achievables and their delivery. But a promising life was cut short too soon. People’s politician H N Ananthkumar’s 61st birth anniversary is today, and I humbly remember his practical wisdom and action-oriented approach in public life. My association with him has been at different levels and […]

PR, Global Innovation Index, and India’s quest for a top slot

Now, anyone can destroy a brand in this social media age. But it takes an imaginative approach to construct a brand and sustain a business model. And what is imagination? It is an amalgamation of innovative ideas at every turn of process of birth and growth. India has been elevated to the top 50 Global […]

Reopen schools responsibly and learn along the way

What is at stake today is not only the education but also the health and well-being of our children.  While the debate on reopening of schools and colleges is veering towards the risk of educational institutions to begin functioning in physical form, we cannot ignore children’s health needs and emotional recalibration. Over 1.5 million schools […]