Startups growth pace booster by Ginserv’s Gincelerator

As the world collects itself to face the new normal, new needs and markets have emerged. They are opportunities of growth in education, health and medical technologies. However, even a seasoned entrepreneur is confused by the changing landscape. In this fluid scenario, Ginserv, an established accelerator is best suited to be the navigational guide. The […]

Rich Odia culture and spirit gets global platform

Join worldly wise Odia on December 26 and 27 for a global Mahotsav Once an Odia, always an Odia is the spirit of Global Odia Mahotsava 2020. With a clear aim of building tomorrow’s leaders and visionaries, Odisha Society Of America (OSA) is holding a two-day global conference in virtual mode. Odisha’s superstar Sabyasachi Mishra […]

Do not let Python strangle your child’s learning. Coding is not for everyone

There is fear, an overpowering fear of loss, of being left out or becoming marginalized in this pandemic. Reason and logic are in short supply, which is understandable. One can choose not to act, and wait for science to help humanity. We have to become humans again. Most of us still remain the consumer that we […]