James Bond and surprising outlook to life

It may seem odd to say that time has been set for the release of ‘No Time to Die’. The Sepember release of the film features Daniel Craig in his fifth and final outing as the fictional MI6 agent James Bond and it will be the twenty-fifth instalment in the Bond film series. Never say […]

Exciting times await Startups

The sky is the limit for startups in India now, as the market conditions are favouring their growth.  Tech usage is as essential as oxygen around which people’s lives revolve. Technology adoption by the masses has risen to phenomenal heights and the pace of absorption and need has been pushed by the pandemic. The intent […]

Reinventing in the COVID-era: How companies must stay ahead to adapt to market dynamics

The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic presented unforeseen challenges to companies across all sectors. And, the subsequent lockdown moved everything home. From handling and monitoring the remote working of their staff to enabling structural changes to re-align their marketing strategies while reinventing business models, enterprises – both big and small – are leaving no stone […]

Aspire to recapture power, but first enthuse the people

Before acquiring power, every political party makes a lot of noise and instils optimism in the people. The formation of a government hit the headlines in the media for days. We saw an endless debate over the permutations and combinations to be made while assembling a state cabinet. Remember that the citizens are not the […]

Brand Bommai is here and welcome it

Karnataka Chief Minister BS Bommai became a man of the moment without sound and fury. In a carefully crafted communication strategy, he has been able to counter discontent relating to Cabinet berths, portfolio allocation, and quickly dispelled the initial rumoured image of a puppet CM. To begin with, he shed the weight of BS Yeddyurappa […]