PR crisis

How to handle a PR crisis

When preparing for a potential PR disaster, organisations should take a few key strategies into account. Acknowledgement It is a best practice to acknowledge and correct any inaccurate information, even if a straightforward mistake was made with no apparent victim. For instance,  software companies frequently include bug patches in their upgrades, even if they themselves …

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politics and media

Politics and media should go hand in hand.

If we scan the political scene, there is always an invisible thread that connects politics and the media. One can hardly survive without the other. This requires harmony between both  entities. However,  recent episodes show that harmony is in jeopardy. Politicians and the media are at loggerheads everywhere, some politicians have even decided on extreme …

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Website Traffic

Website traffic and its relevance

Website traffic or the visitor count is crucial to any business online. It gives an insight into the development of the company and aids in lead generation, audience understanding, marketing campaign evaluation and audience analysis. The process of driving traffic to a website may appear intimidating and relentless at first because there are so many websites that exist that concentrate on …

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Role of PR agency in Healthcare.

It is well known that good public relations can shape not only public opinion but also public decisions. This is particularly true in the healthcare sector, where a large proportion of the population depends on publicly available material to continue your education. Since doctors and clinics cannot advertise themselves, unlike most consumer services, they must …

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Strategy to improve Public Relations


A company’s PR strategy can be viewed as a framework or guide when developing techniques to increase press coverage and strengthen brand recognition. While developing a PR plan, market research is important. We should also know how to put fresh ideas into practise that can draw in new customers, develop media relations, boost organic search …