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The year 2020 has brought about a complete change in the market due to the pandemic that has impacted every sector of society and business. In the new norm, it is not only challenging for companies to stay afloat but also stay relevant. Many industries have shut down as they have lost relevance in the current context. In this backdrop, it is imperative for organizations to seamlessly stay connected with their target audience, primarily consumers, and to also reinvent themselves. Explore our wide range of services, which can be taken as a complete solution or as a standalone service.

Media Advocacy

Backed by a strong Integrated Communications strategy encompassing Digital, Print Online, Broadcast and Social media, we help you convey your compelling stories to the target audience through the most powerful channels and in an impactful manner. Our Media Advocacy Strategy will focus on achieving the following results: improved visibility, brand awareness and strengthening, market positioning, stakeholder engagement, strengthened reputation, business growth and expansion, eventually leading to profitability.

Strategy Consulting

Whether it is strengthening your existing business or expanding your business or rebooting your business, we have the right tailor-made solution for you. In the last 6 years, we have helped several organizations across technology, healthcare, hospitality and entertainment in realign their business goals and strategy.

Due Diligence

Every organization faces this strange situation at times – it could be because of the market conditions or business imperatives – poor decisions lead them to turn red and eventually be declared as “sick”. MJSPR specializes in conducting a thorough due diligence of such units and bringing them back on track with sound business guidance, counselling and way forward strategies.

Thought Leadership

It is not sufficient if you are just a leader in your space. You should scale to the level of a Thought Leader, an authority on relevant topics by delivering the answers to the biggest questions on the minds of your target audience. We will help you hone your leadership skills and emerge as an influential thought leader, eventually emerging as a key opinion leader in your chosen area. We have nurtured leaders from grassroots level to international level through a combination of PR, content marketing, strategic consulting, lobbying and influencer marketing.

Digital Strategy

In today’s world, Digital Strategy is integral to any organization aiming for growth and scale. Our Digital Strategy, which complements our Media Advocacy plans, not only helps our customers in reaching the right target audience but also strengthens your business proposition. Our Digital Strategy, combined with offline media strategy, is a plan of action designed to achieve your business goals via the implementation of various innovative initiatives.

Brand Building

You may have developed a market-leading innovative product, but without branding the product is unlikely to succeed in the market. We craft ideal brand building strategies for organizations, their services, products and even leadership through qualitative and quantitative approaches. Branding is crucial because it is the visual identity of your business and which gives business not just a name and fame, but a voice and encourages consumer awareness.

Political PR

Today PR has penetrated the world of politics in a big way. With a significant number of the electorate being news-savvy and consuming news from online and offline platforms, it is critical for our leaders of the future to project and position themselves through right platforms and be seen as agents of change. We have 10+ years of in-depth experience in managing political PR for some of the top politicians cutting across party-lines, many of whom went on to become ministers in the state level and the Government of India.

Corporate Communications

Corporate Communications are integral to any organization to streamline messaging to internal and external stakeholders in the most effective manner to narrate your success story. We offer Corporate Communications service as a partnership delivery model for clients, who are keen on professional services without having to set up their own practices internally.

Marketing Communications

Marketing Communications help organizations educate, inform and apprise consumers directly or indirectly about their products, services, solutions, and brands. Marketing Communications enables organizations to have a dialogue, and build relationships with consumers. It helps companies to connect their brands with people, places, experiences, events, and emotions. Our Marketing Communications services are customized to meet the requirements of each client.

Startup Mentoring

We are in a startup era; new startups are taking shape every day, but not all of them are succeeding because success is not guaranteed. This is where mentors play a crucial role. Our startup mentorship programme not only places your business in the right path but also helps you with market access and guided growth. Select startup ideas even qualify for access to funding, further strengthening your business proposition.

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